The long-lost secret skill reappeared

Whoever learned the skill could conquer the women he wanted

On a rainy night six months after his mother’s death, his father was driving home and lost control of his car, driving into a ditch. When he was rescued and sent to the hospital, he was in critical condition.

Evan rushed to the hospital, and his father woke up briefly from the coma and told him to post an obituary in the newspaper. After that, his father died.

Losing both his father and mother in such a short period of time was too much for him to bear. The only relative he had left in the world was his grandfather. He couldn’t eat or sleep for days, and was sinking into an abyss of grief.

At the funeral, a woman called Lillian showed up. She was a good-looking elderly woman, but nobody knew who she was.

She wore a black dress and a white flower on her ear, and was alone. Before entering the service, she was hesitant at the entrance. It took her a while to get the courage to walk inside.

After the service, she approached the coffin to pay tribute. She looked at his father’s face with peaceful eyes, and there wasn’t much sadness in her expression. Her lips trembled slightly as if to say something. After a moment of silence, she smiled and waved to the coffin, then she approached Evan to give her condolences: “I’m sorry for your loss. How was your father at his last moment?”

Evan told her about the car accident. Her calm expression became agitated, and tears rolled down her face. She said to herself, “It won’t be long until we meet again.”

She gave Evan a gentle pat on the shoulder and said, “My sincere condolences. Everyone has his own timeline and destination. For your father, this is just a new beginning.” She then said goodbye and left.

Watching her walking away, Evan had a million questions. Who was she? How come she seemed to be affectionate toward his father? How did she know that his father passed away? Unable to contain his curiosity, he ran after her and stopped her.

“Ma’am! How did you know about my father’s death?”

“I saw the obituary in the newspaper,” she replied.

Evan was alarmed. His father asked him to put an obituary in the paper, so was it for her? All his family and friends lived in the same city, so there was no need to announce his death in the newspaper. It was apparent that he wanted to let her know. But why?

Evan knew there must be a story behind this connection. He asked her to leave her phone number and address so he could get in touch with her. She said, “Well, now that he’s gone, I’m not breaking the promise.” She then gave him her contact information.

Promise? What was she talking about? Evan was more puzzled than ever.

A few days later, when he felt slightly calmer from the grief, he went to visit Lillian to find out more about her relationship with his father.

She lived close to Evan’s house, so it was easy to find her residence.

Evan found her sad and anguished. Apparently, she was distraught by his father’s death, but surprised and delighted by Evan’s visit. After greeting each other, she told him everything.

“Your father and I were in love when we were young, but our families were of different wealth levels, and our parents didn’t allow us to be together. We were forced to break up. Afterward, your grandfather pressured your dad into marrying your mom. I also got married a year later. Before I got married, I met your dad for the last time. We promised not to see each other again for the rest of our lives, so that we would focus on our own families. However, when one of us dies, he or I should ask a family member to post an obituary in the newspaper, as a kind of love letter, so that the other person can go to the funeral to bid farewell.” As Lillian was talking, she took out a picture that was old and torn.

Looking at the picture of his father and Lillian, Evan couldn’t help but cry. He was extremely touched by their love story. They were forced to break up in their twenties and hadn’t heard from each other for decades. When they finally met again, it was at his father’s funeral! That was so tragic and romantic. If there were a next life, Evan wished they would meet again to rekindle their love.

Seeing Evan crying, Lillian comforted him, “Silly boy, history is history. There’s no need to cry over past events.”

Just then, Lillian’s daughter, Hazel, came home. Lillian called her over to meet Evan, then said, “Since you’re both here, I’m going to reveal a secret.”

“What is it?” asked Evan, eyes widened.

Lillian thought for a bit, then said, “Before I got married, I met your dad for the last time. I was actually already pregnant with his child. This was why I was in a hurry to get married. To protect your dad, I kept the secret from him. I didn’t want him to be tormented by the fact, so I told him that we should never see each other again.” Tears rolled down her face as she told them the secret.

Evan also cried as he heard it. Hazel was shocked and asked, “What happened to the child?”

Lillian looked at her apologetically. “That child was you!”

“What?” cried Hazel.

This secret had been kept by Lilian until now. Not only was Hazel kept from it, but Lilian’s late husband was also never told the truth.

The three of them hugged and cried. Evan was full of admiration for Lillian. She didn’t care about his father’s social status, nor did she use her pregnancy to blackmail him. She was a wonderful woman. The revelation of the secret gave Evan a half-sister, and he was more than joyful. From then on, he called Lillian auntie and Hazel sister, and now had two more family members in his life.

Evan’s father was the chairman of Arlin Textile Group. After his unexpected death, the board of directors immediately called a meeting to elect the next chairman. The board elected a temporary agent of the chairman and decided that Evan would take over his father’s position after a three-month internship.

Evan, his father, and his grandfather collectively held 75 percent of the company shares, so it was only natural that he take over. He took a leave of absence from school and started his internship at Arlin Textile Group.

Evan was determined to be a good successor and told himself he had to give 100 percent effort. He didn’t want to disappoint the board or his father.

On the first day, he visited the company and some of its factories. In addition to on-site visits and listening to briefings, he also personally operated the textile machines. After half a month, he went to factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other overseas factories to inspect them. The two company veterans who were appointed to assist him couldn’t teach him fast enough and were distressed.

Two months into the internship, Evan’s original ambition was almost worn out. The company’s size, the difficulty of its operations, and the textile industry’s complexity were all too overwhelming for a graduate student like him to handle. He started to think about stepping down.

Just as he felt that he was unfit for the job, the company’s North American agency sent its vice president to Taiwan to express condolences over the deceased chairman. However, he was really sent to Taiwan for another reason – to find out about the company’s future direction under the leadership of the new chairman, as 60% of the agency’s revenue came from Arlin Textile Group. If it lost its exclusive agency rights, that would affect the agency gravely.

The vice president visited the temporary agent and the managerial team. He learned that Evan would take over as a chairman. He immediately found Evan to have a talk with him.

He asked, “How do you feel about taking over as chairman?”

Evan thought for a while, then said honestly, “After two months of an internship, I found out that the textile industry is very difficult and complex. It’s beyond my abilities. This position should probably go to someone else.” Evan was naïve and didn’t think much about who he was talking to.

The vice president was alarmed and immediately reported Evan’s words back to the agency. The agency was worried that it might lose the exclusive rights, and to prevent this from happening, it instructed the vice president to purchase 15 percent of the shares from the shareholders, so they could join the board and participate in the decision making.

Arlin Textile Group inquired about its internal shareholders, but nobody wanted to sell their shares. Evan’s grandfather thought it was better to arrange a compromise to secure this client for future orders, so he asked Evan to sell 15 percent of his shares to the agency.

Evan gained a fortune selling 15 percent of his shares. He had never dreamed of such wealth. After handling the share transfer and the inheritance matter, he finally had some time to himself. He was still feeling sad and depressed, so he decided to take a hiking trip in the mountains.

After much deliberation, he decided to backpack in Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, China, a dangerous and wild place. He chose to go there to forget about his troubles.

He went to see Lillian before his departure. Not only did he give her a huge amount of money, but he also moved her and Hazel into his mansion. This showed that he was a person of compassion and righteousness.

The next day, after arriving in Xishuangbanna, he geared up and went into the deep mountains.

The mountains were dense with forest and full of crooked paths. He hiked solo for about two hours, then suddenly heard somebody crying for help. Rushing over, he found an old goatherd who was bitten on the ankle by a venomous snake. Evan sprang into action, taking out an elastic compression bandage and applying it to the wound, slowing down the venom from circulating in the old man’s body. He then found some wild herbs nearby, chewed them, and treated the wound. He was an agronomy major in college and had some knowledge about herbs. He knew which herbs could detoxify venom.

Evan observed that the venom already might have entered the goatherd’s body, so he must receive antivenom soon. He carried the old man on his back and left the mountains to look for a hospital. Finally, after two hours of searching, he found a clinic, and the goatherd was rescued in time.

To ensure the goatherd was OK, Evan carried him back to the mountains to his home. It was fortunate that the goatherd met Evan, or else he would have lost his life.

The goatherd was so grateful that he invited Evan to stay in his house for several days. Evan was a nature lover and was delighted to have a chance to live in the mountains, so he accepted the invitation.

The next day, Evan accompanied the goatherd to herd goats. While herding, he saw a buck copulating with all the does. He was unstoppable, and there was no sign of exhaustion. Surprised, he asked the old man, “How is it possible that the buck could continue mating without tiring himself out?”

The goatherd replied, “That’s because of the blue flower grass. One time, I saw a buck eating the blue flower grass in the morning. In the evening, when he returned to the pen, he started to copulate with all the does, and it went on all night. The second day, I let another buck eat the same grass, and it happened to him, too. After that, whenever it’s mating season, I let the strongest buck eat the blue flower grass. What you just saw was the buck mating under the influence of the grass.” He then showed Evan the field where the blue flower grass grows.

They came to the edge of a waterfall, to a field full of blooming blue flower grass. The old man said, “This grass is very special; it only blooms under three conditions – in the tropics, in a misty area, and under the sun. The effect comes from the flower. The grass without the flower doesn’t have the effect. Because of its unique plant environment, it’s considered a rare herb.”

The goatherd picked a bunch of blue flowers and gave them to Evan. “It’s very delicious. Try it.”

Curious, Evan ate them in a few bites: “It’s unique! Sweet with a hint of rose scent!”

That night, the old man made a pot of blue flower tea and drank with Evan. While chatting casually, the old man mentioned the tradition of walking marriages of the Lugu Lake: “My family moved to Xishuangbanna from Lugu Lake twenty years ago; we still kept the custom of walking marriages. My daughter Erin is already 18 years old. According to the custom, she could have numerous young men visiting her at night, but there had been no one. That makes her very lonely.” The old man let out a sigh, got up, and patted Evan on the shoulder. He then left to visit his girlfriend’s house one kilometer away. The old man’s words seemed to encourage Evan to have a walking marriage with his daughter.

Erin was the daughter of the goatherd and a woman through walking marriage. She originally lived with her mother. After her mom moved away with another man, she went to live with her father. They made a living goatherding. Because their residence was in a remote area of the countryside, there were only a few neighbors around them, and the residents were either children, women, or the elderly. She had not experienced a walking marriage. Her father noticed her loneliness and tried to set her up with Evan.

The goatherd’s hint had stirred up Evan’s desire. After he left, Evan looked toward Erin’s room, and the image of her cute face appeared. She was a nice young woman with fair skin and a beautiful body. Not wearing any makeup, she had a sense of innocence and purity. Evan started to get excited thinking about her body.

The blue flower grass is an aphrodisiac; it expedites the slightest sexual thought into a burning desire. Evan’s penis was starting to become erect in excitement.

Finally, he decided to make a move.

Inside her room, Erin had heard everything. She had grown fond of Evan since the first time she saw him. This was also what she wanted.

She took off her clothes and put on a see-through nightgown, then lit up an oil lamp, climbed into bed, and waited.

Evan pushed her door open and approached the bed. Looking at her gorgeous body, with her perky breasts and slender legs under the dim light, his desire was burning out of control.

He tapped her gently and asked, “Erin, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Erin pretended to wake up and responded weakly, “Hmmm.”

It was hard to tell from her response whether she agreed or disagreed, but Evan was too horny to care. Taking off his clothes, he climbed into her bed and held her tightly.

He kissed her passionately, then rubbed his head on her breasts through the thin fabric. He then removed her nightgown.

Erin’s face turned red from shyness and excitement. She resisted slightly, “That’s not appropriate, Mr. Evan.”

Evan’s eyes lit up. Her submissiveness and vulnerability made him want to take her even more. He pounced on her breasts and started sucking, kneading, and licking them. He looked like a wild beast, ready to attack and devour the prey in front of him.

The blue flowers he ate in the morning and the tea he drank with the goatherd were in full effect now. His senses had been completely taken over by lust.

His passion was contagious. Erin was moaning and burning with desire. An 18-year-old virgin, Erin hadn’t been touched by any man and was extremely sensitive. Evan’s touch turned on the switch of her libido, causing her love juice to flow lavishly.

Finally, under the urge of lust, Evan thrust his rock-hard penis into Erin’s vagina, taking her virginity.

That night, with the magical aid of the blue flower grass, Evan fucked her over and over again until Erin was exhausted.

Evan had the best sensation ever. He didn’t even give her Serwer’s affectionate sex massage and was able to make her climax multiple times. He also didn’t have any feeling of premature ejaculation. That was incredible!

The next day at noon, Evan woke up and greeted the goatherd, looking energetic and delighted. The old man smiled, “Looks like you guys had an intense night. Erin was exhausted.”

Embarrassed, Evan tried to explain: “The blue flower grass was too powerful. It made me so horny that I lost my mind. I’m sorry if I offended Erin or you.”

“That’s not your fault! I shouldn’t have let you eat fresh blue flowers. The fresh ones are much more powerful, especially the ones that were picked on the spot; they were the most effective.”

Evan saw that the goatherd wasn’t mad, so he asked, “I’m puzzled by another phenomenon. Every time I came, my penis would soon be erect again, and the sensation was still very strong. How does blue flower grass do that?”

“That’s the peculiarity of the blue flower grass. After a man climaxes and ejaculates, his brain will secrete a chemical to inhibit another excitement or erection. If the brain stops secreting this chemical, it no longer inhibits the erection, and the man can erect at will. Fresh blue flowers contain an element that can block the secretion of this chemical; that’s why you still had multiple erections after several ejaculations. Dried blue flowers have less effect than fresh ones. However, if the desire is strong enough, with dried blue flowers, a man can still get an erection 30 minutes after ejaculation, unless he’s able to control his libido. Therefore, the best way to control ejaculation is to practice the turtle breath, which is also called the occlusion technique. Otherwise, if you continue to ejaculate like that, you will become weak and thin in just a few days.” The goatherd was very knowledgeable about the blue flower grass and was willing to share what he knew with Evan.

“How do I learn turtle breath?” Evan asked eagerly.

The goatherd thought for a bit, then said delightfully, “My great-grandfather was a medicinal herb-nurturing officer working closely with an imperial physician, who taught him the turtle breath. After his retirement, my great-grandfather went home and passed on the turtle breath to my grandfather, who then passed it on to my father, and finally to me. Afterward, the new emperor started a purification movement and banned books related to eroticism and aphrodisiac plants. The turtle breath was lost for then. I was probably one of the few keepers of the method. I always wanted to pass it down, but unfortunately, I have no heirs, and I haven’t met anyone who is destined. I think you and I met by destiny; you’re meant to learn the method. I think the blue flower grass was also brought by my great-grandfather when he retired. When I first discovered its effect on the bucks, I was curious and I ate some. I went through the same thing as you, ejaculating nonstop. It was turtle breath that helped me overcome this phenomenon.”

Evan was very touched that the old man was willing to teach him the method. He bowed to him with the highest respect and gratitude. The goatherd continued: “The blue flower grass promotes the blood flow of a man’s genitalia and increases the pleasure of friction. It makes intercourse more pleasurable, augments the penis, and makes a woman come more quickly. When a woman climaxes under the influence of the blue flower grass, her vagina convulses much stronger, forcing the man to ejaculate faster. Turtle breath is an exercise that gives the ability to stop the cum from being ejaculated using an abdomen breathing skill to block the blood flow of the penis and close the valve that releases semen. After practicing turtle breath, when a woman climaxes and her vagina convulses, a man will instinctively use the breathing skill to match the tempo of the convulsion, transforming the feeling of ejaculation into a feeling of respiration. So, he will remain erect and won’t come easily. That is the art of the ‘golden spear never falls.’” The old man stopped momentarily to let Evan digest the information, then continued: “The blue flower grass contains two cerebral signaling proteins that control sperm ejaculation. It can block the sperm from releasing when a man orgasms, thereby achieving a contraceptive effect. Even when a man ejaculates, he doesn’t have to worry about getting the woman pregnant.”

Evan was worried about getting Erin pregnant. After hearing that, he felt a sense of relief.

The goatherd said, “For the purpose of reproduction, when a woman climaxes, her brain induces a hormone called oxytocin, which causes her vagina to contract strongly, forcing the man to ejaculate and release his sperm into her uterus. After taking the blue flower grass and practicing turtle breath, you don’t have to worry about this phenomenon.”

The goatherd then squatted up and inhaled, getting ready to teach Evan the turtle breath.

“Inhale and exhale like this, practice for an hour every morning, then have intercourse with Erin at night. When you’re able to respire at will, you have mastered the method,” said the old man.

The old man taught Evan everything without reservation. In addition, Erin had sex with him every night to help him practice. In less than two weeks, he mastered turtle breath. Later, he found out that the old man was a famous scholar. The fact that he would rather be a hermit in the mountains made Evan respect him even more.

Turtle breath isn’t a skill that can be learned by just anyone. One needs to have the talent and physique to practice it, as well as a master to teach him the method. It’s a long-lost skill, and few people know about it. Evan was very lucky to have this rare opportunity to solve his problem with premature ejaculation. Feeling reborn, he made a promise to himself that one day, he would make Penny know how good he was.

After returning to Taiwan, he did some research on the origin of the blue flower grass. Finally, he found a record in an ancient medicinal book, Compendium of Herbs. The record read: “Imperial grass, commonly known as blue flower grass, is derived from a hybrid of Epimedium Brevicornum Maxim. It has a strong effect and works in the lower abdomen area. Its effects include blood circulation, erection, semen making, and refreshing the brain. It’s highly addictive and has the side effect of continuous ejaculations.” Another ancient scroll stated: “The emperor, in order to have sex with his three-thousand concubines, ordered his imperial physician to invent aphrodisiac elixirs. Imperial grass and turtle breath were the results of that.” Evan then realized that these things really originated from the ancient palace.

Chinese martial arts novels often described how masters taught ordinary people kung fu secrets and to become martial arts masters themselves. Isn’t this the case with Evan? Having been taught about turtle breath and learning the secrets of blue flower grass, he had become a master in the vast sea of sex. What’s more, he possessed the technique of Serwer’s affectionate sex as well! Japanese kendo is known for its three-knife fighting skill. Evan’s three unique expertise levels also could be called the three-knife fighting skill! (To be continued)

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